Friday, 24 February 2012

Belonging Bees

As part of inquiry this term we have been writing about groups that we belong to.  We discovered that we all belong to B4, but we also belong to lots of other different groups.   Some of us belong to the same groups and some of us belong to different groups.  We published some of these groups on Belonging Bees.  We have had fun comparing our bees and finding out about each other.   Look at our beautiful, bright Belonging Bees hanging across the classroom!


  1. Parents of a Bright Spark24 February 2012 at 12:37

    They look great hanging up in the class (nice and colourful). We love your new class pet on the blog! :o)

  2. Great work B4. Nice range of interest that you all have and so many things in common!

  3. I just love your beautiful, bright, BELONGING BEES B4. I think you have all chosen such happy, cheerful colours. It makes me feel so good when I come into your classroom and see them flying around. I couldn't believe all the different groups you belong to in B4. You must be very busy remembering how to be a good group member!