Friday, 30 March 2012


Today Paige brought in some worms from her worm farm to show the class.    They are special stripy worms called Tiger Worms.  They are composting worms and they only eat food scraps, not dirt.  They don't like bright light and like to live where it is dark and damp.  Paige brought them into school in an ice-cream container with food scraps and newspaper inside.  They smelt a bit yucky, but it was interesting to watch them wriggling around.   Paige also brought us a present - a bottle of worm juice!  This is the waste that the worms make and it is great for your garden.  We are going to put some on our new vegetables.
We all thought that worm farms were a good way to recycle your food scraps and we thought that it would be a great idea to have one at school so that we could feed our apple cores and banana peels to the worms.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Our garden

Last week some of the Leaders topped up our class garden with new soil, so this morning we planted lots of things in our class garden.  We planted broccoli, silverbeet and pak choi seedlings.  We also planted some snow pea seeds.  We have been learning that plants need 5 things to stay alive: water, soil, space, light and air.  We think our plants will grow big and strong because they have lots of soil, space, light and air.  We just need to remember to water them on days when it does not rain.   Some of us noticed that birds like to nibble on the plants in some of the other class gardens, so when we finished planting, we put a big net over our seedlings to stop the birds having a snack of our plants!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Principal's Awards for Excellence

Mrs Henderson handed out her Awards for Excellence at our assembly yesterday.  These are new awards that will be given out every term to one child in each class that has been showing Excellence all term.  This means that they have been trying their very best every day.  It was a very hard decision, but this term the award was given to Caitlin.   Caitlin has been showing the Eastern Hutt values all term and has been trying her best, even when her work gets a bit tricky.  Congratulations Caitlin!  Here are some photos of Caitlin receiving her award in assembly.  Next week all the children who received these awards will have a special morning tea with Mrs Henderson.  I wonder who will get the award in B4 next term?  We will all have to remember to do our best and try hard every day.

Movin' March

This week we have been talking about how important it is to exercise and how we can walk, bike or scoot to school instead of coming in the car.  Today was Movin' March day and we celebrated by decorating our shoes, bikes or scooters.  Look at our funky, moving, grooving feet and scooters!

Movin' March - Funky Feet and Decorated Scooters on PhotoPeach

Friday, 23 March 2012

Self Portraits

This term our inquiry is called Growing Together.  We are learning about ourselves and groups we belong to.  As part of our learning we have made self portraits using pastels and dye.  We talked about the shape of our faces, our eyes, ears and nose and we looked at each others' faces.  Mrs Harrington took a photo of each of us and we used that to help us to draw our own portrait.  We did lots of practising first because some of the shapes were quite tricky to draw. We thought that drawing our eyes shaped like rugby balls instead of circles was the trickiest part.  Here are some of our wonderful portraits.  They look so bright on the wall of our classroom!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Using the laptops

Today we had our first ICT lesson using the brand new Macbook Air laptops.  Because it was our first lesson this year, we thought of all the things we needed to do to make sure we were using the laptops sensibly and properly so we did not damage them.  Here are some pictures of us showing what we need to remember when we use the laptops:

Carefully take the laptop out of the pod and unplug it from the charger.

Tuck the charger cord away back in the pod so that it doesn't get caught in the door.

Give our laptop a big hug when we are carrying it so that we don't drop it.

When we have finished, shutdown the laptop and then carefully plug it back into the charger in the pod, so that the battery can charge for the next class.

And, last of all, share nicely with our buddy.  We all did that so well today!

Our trip to Day's Bay

Last Thursday the whole junior syndicate went on our EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) trip to Day's Bay.  We had an amazing day doing lots of fun activities.  We got to build sandcastles on the beach, paddle our feet in the water, collect treasures on a scavenger hunt, walk on a path through the bush, watch the ducks in the duck pond, walk out on the wharf and play cricket and soccer!  Luckily the weather was fine, but it was quite windy, especially when we were out on the wharf!  We were very tired when we got back to school and everyone went to bed early that night, even Mrs Harrington!  A big thank you from all of us to the parents who came along and helped us!  Here is a slideshow of our wonderful day (turn on your speakers to hear one of our favourite songs playing too!):

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yesterday the Strike percussion group performed for us at school.  The whole school squeezed into the hall to watch their amazing show.  Strike have performed in lots of different countries all over the world, so we felt very lucky to have them at our school.   Tim, Tom and Murray played lots of different types of drums and percussion instruments.  They made music and rhythms with normal drum-kits, Cook Island log drums, drum kits on a metal frame, a marimba, Fresh-Up cans and even fire!  For one song we used our bodies to help them make it sound like there was storm outside!  They played their instruments fast and slow, and loudly and quietly.  We loved clapping along and shaking our bodies to the beat and some children even go to go up on stage and play the log drums. Later in the year the Strike group are going to come back and teach some children how to play some of their percussion instruments. We think there will be a lot of children who will want to learn the drums now!  Here is a slideshow of some of the fantastic things we saw.

Here is a video of Murray playing the Marimba using 4 beaters.  When we do music with Mrs Campbell and play the xylophones we only use one beater in each hand, so we thought Murray was extra clever using two beaters in each hand!

Great Bean Race update

We measured our beans again on Monday and Antony is still winning the B4 bean race, but he is not winning the bean race for the whole Junior Syndicate.  Another bean in B1 was just a bit taller than his bean this week.  We thought it was interesting because the B1 bean was planted after Antony's bean, but it is now taller than his bean.  Maybe Antony's bean is not growing as fast now?

Here is Antony pointing to the top of his ginormous bean plant.  It is now 175cm tall, which is just a little bit taller than Mrs Harrington!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Quality work wall

We have been working hard to impress Mrs Harrington with our wonderful work and get our books displayed on the quality work wall.  Look at the fantastic tidy blend work that Paige and Bree did yesterday!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Star facts

Last week our blend of the week was *st*.  We read an interesting book called "The Stars Above" by Jill Eggleton and then we wrote down some of the star facts that we had learned.  We also painted some stars using bright flouro paints and then put lots of glitter on them.  We put them on black paper with white paint splatters to look like outer space.  We think they look amazing hanging up in our classroom!   Have a look at our stunning star writing.  Maybe you will learn something new about stars too!

Bean writing

Our bean graph has grown some huge leaves! 

We wrote stories about our wonderful beans and published them on leaf shapes to add to our bean graph.  Here are some of our amazing stories.

We will be measuring our bean plants again on Monday, so check back to find out who in B4 is winning the Great Bean Race!

Our new student!

This week we had a new student join the class.  Can you see him in this picture?

No?  OK, here is a closer look.

He (or she!) is a Monarch caterpillar.  So far he has been spending his day munching and crunching through the leaves on our swan plant.  We have been reading about the life cycle of a Monarch Caterpillar and we are looking forward to seeing our caterpillar turn into a chrysalis and then hatch into a beautiful butterfly!  Hopefully we will get to watch these changes happen and maybe Mrs Harrington will even be able to video them so we can share it on our blog.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Junior Sports - high jump

Yesterday we had our second session of Junior Sports learning athletics.  It was another lovely sunny day and we had fun with our buddy class E6 jumping on the high jump mat and seeing how far we could jump in the long jump pit.  Mrs Harrington was away sick, but Mrs Chamberlain taught us how to do the activities this time and Mrs Graham from E6 took some great photos of us doing long jump.