Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Our garden

Last week some of the Leaders topped up our class garden with new soil, so this morning we planted lots of things in our class garden.  We planted broccoli, silverbeet and pak choi seedlings.  We also planted some snow pea seeds.  We have been learning that plants need 5 things to stay alive: water, soil, space, light and air.  We think our plants will grow big and strong because they have lots of soil, space, light and air.  We just need to remember to water them on days when it does not rain.   Some of us noticed that birds like to nibble on the plants in some of the other class gardens, so when we finished planting, we put a big net over our seedlings to stop the birds having a snack of our plants!


  1. I love all the vegetables you guys have planted! We hope they grow nice and big! From Farrah and the whole of B2!

  2. I really liked reading about the worms and your new vegie garden. My class planted tulip bulbs in the garden in front of Room 1. From Mrs Lee at Westbrook school in Rotorua