Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yesterday the Strike percussion group performed for us at school.  The whole school squeezed into the hall to watch their amazing show.  Strike have performed in lots of different countries all over the world, so we felt very lucky to have them at our school.   Tim, Tom and Murray played lots of different types of drums and percussion instruments.  They made music and rhythms with normal drum-kits, Cook Island log drums, drum kits on a metal frame, a marimba, Fresh-Up cans and even fire!  For one song we used our bodies to help them make it sound like there was storm outside!  They played their instruments fast and slow, and loudly and quietly.  We loved clapping along and shaking our bodies to the beat and some children even go to go up on stage and play the log drums. Later in the year the Strike group are going to come back and teach some children how to play some of their percussion instruments. We think there will be a lot of children who will want to learn the drums now!  Here is a slideshow of some of the fantastic things we saw.

Here is a video of Murray playing the Marimba using 4 beaters.  When we do music with Mrs Campbell and play the xylophones we only use one beater in each hand, so we thought Murray was extra clever using two beaters in each hand!

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