Friday, 23 March 2012

Self Portraits

This term our inquiry is called Growing Together.  We are learning about ourselves and groups we belong to.  As part of our learning we have made self portraits using pastels and dye.  We talked about the shape of our faces, our eyes, ears and nose and we looked at each others' faces.  Mrs Harrington took a photo of each of us and we used that to help us to draw our own portrait.  We did lots of practising first because some of the shapes were quite tricky to draw. We thought that drawing our eyes shaped like rugby balls instead of circles was the trickiest part.  Here are some of our wonderful portraits.  They look so bright on the wall of our classroom!


  1. Hello b4brightsparks,
    I think your paintings are beautiful. Isn't it interesting how different everyone's face is. The shape of our features are just a little different from someone else and that makes us unique. I teach in Rotorua with Mrs Harrington's mother. Next week I will show my class the wonderful work on your blog.
    Bye from Mrs Bright.

  2. I love the portraits of your faces. Tim