Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chocolate Crackle

Today we made a delicious bunch of Chocolate Crackle.  First we got the ingredients out and put the ingredients in a bowl.  Next we mixed it together and melted the Kremelta.  Last we put it in the fridge til after morning tea and ate it.  I think it was delicious.
By Paige

Today we made Chocolate Crackle.  First we got all the food out.  Next we mixed it.  Last we put it in the fridge to set.  It was very delicious.
By Sophie

Today we made Chocolate Crackle.  First we got all the ingredients out.  Next we mixed all the ingredients together.  Last we ate the Chocolate Crackle.  It tasted yummy.
By Ryan


  1. Wow - they look great. Next time you will have to make a few more so that we parents can enjoy them also. OR maybe Ryan and Matt can help me make some over the holidays now they know how to make them. YUMMY.

  2. Congratulations on a great term of learning! I really enjoyed my visit to your room at the end of the term and thanks to Matt and Paige, my tour guides, I learnt lots about your learning! I am sure you enjoyed your visit by your grandparents and they would have been very proud of your work. I have enjoyed reading your blog too! You are a very clever bunch! Keep up the effort, aim for excellence and have a fun term of learning.

  3. Well done Sophie and thank you for sharing your chocolate crackle with me. Thank you B4 for a lovely Grandparents Day. I loved seeing all the good work in your classroom Sophie, and the story you wrote about me. How high did your bean grow? Best wishes from Gran in Christchurch.