Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What do we know about the water cycle?

As part of our inquiry, we have been learning about the parts of the water cycle.  Today we wrote some amazing explanations of the water cycle and then recorded them on the iPads using the Sock Puppets app.  Here are our videos.  We think we know lots about the water cycle and we love how the Sock Puppet app makes our voices sound really squeaky!



















Monday, 21 May 2012

If I had wings...

Every week we study a new consonant blend.  Two weeks ago our blend was fl.  We wrote amazing stories that started "If I had wings I would fly...".  Then we made ourselves some wings by gluing small "feathers" of paper onto wing shapes.  Mrs Harrington took photos of us pretending we had wings and then we glued the wings onto the photos and hung our art on strings.  We really look like we are flying up high into the clouds.  We are so proud of our stories and our artwork.  Here are just a few of them.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Trip to Zealandia

Last week we went on a wonderful trip to Zealandia, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.  We saw some amazing New Zealand birds and lizards and tested the water in the stream at the Sanctuary.  Here are some photos of our day:

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Yesterday we investigated ice as part of our inquiry.  Mrs Harrington gave us all some ice cubes in a cup and we talked about what it smelled, tasted, felt and looked like.  Mrs Harrington was really impressed with how carefully we observed the ice cubes and all the things we found out about ice.

Here are some charts showing what we found out about ice.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fresh Water and Salty Water

We have been learning about water for our inquiry topic "Take Action for Water".  Yesterday we used our senses to describe fresh water and salty water.  We made a venn diagram to show what was different and the same about fresh and salty water.  We discovered that both fresh and salty water felt the same, but they looked, tasted and smelt different.  Here is our venn diagram and some photos of us looking, touching, tasting and smelling the water.  Some of us did not like tasting the salty water at all!





 Making salty water by stirring in salt




Friday, 11 May 2012

Science Week

This week was Primary Science Week.  Schools around New Zealand have been learning about science and doing fun science experiments at school.  At Eastern Hutt School we had a Super Science Swap.  On Thursday all the children in the school went to a different class to do some science activities for the afternoon.  Also some children in B4 brought in science experiments to share with the class and gain a Young Scientists Award.  Here are some photos of the interesting things that Bree, Callum, Ryan and Matt brought in to show us.


Bree brought in a tornado in a bottle!  When you spin the bottle and hold it upside down, the water and glitter inside spins around really fast in the same way as a tornado.

 Callum brought in an experiment that tested what things were soluble or insoluble in water.  We discovered that sand, dirt, flour and talcum powder were insoluble (did not dissolve), but sugar and salt were soluble (did dissolve or disappear).  We also found out that the sugar and salt dissolved quicker in warm water than cold water.


Ryan and Matt made sherbert for the class.  They followed the recipe carefully and mixed everything together and then we got to try it.  It was sweet and sour at the same time and very fizzy on our tongues.  We discovered that it is a gas called Carbon Dioxide that makes the sherbert fizzy.  The sherbert has citric acid and baking soda in it.   When you lick the sherbert they turn to liquid and start fizzing and making Carbon Dioxide gas. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A very important visitor

Today our school was lucky enough to have the Prime Minister, Mr John Key, visit our school!  We had a special assembly for Mr Key.  The Kapa Haka performed for him, we sang our school song and one of the Year 6 classes interviewed him.  We liked hearing the answers to his questions and finding out some more about what he does in his job as Prime Minister.  We think it sounds like a very busy job!  Here are some of the photos from our exciting day.  There will also be some more photos appearing on Mr Key's Facebook page soon.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Cat's Pyjamas

Have you ever wondered what sort of pyjamas a cat might wear?  We read the book "The Cat's Pyjamas" by New Zealand author Catherine Foreman.  In the story the cat has seven different pairs of pyjamas.  When he wears his garden pyjamas,  he dreams about gardening, when he wears his ocean pyjamas, he dreams about fish in the sea, and when he wears his monster pyjamas, he stays awake all night!

We used our Green Hat thinking to think of some new pyjamas the cat might wear and then we wrote about what he might dream about when he wears his pyjamas.  Here are some of our ideas.