Monday, 21 May 2012

If I had wings...

Every week we study a new consonant blend.  Two weeks ago our blend was fl.  We wrote amazing stories that started "If I had wings I would fly...".  Then we made ourselves some wings by gluing small "feathers" of paper onto wing shapes.  Mrs Harrington took photos of us pretending we had wings and then we glued the wings onto the photos and hung our art on strings.  We really look like we are flying up high into the clouds.  We are so proud of our stories and our artwork.  Here are just a few of them.


  1. Thank you Bree and Kavin for sharing your excellent writing. B4, I was extremely impressed by all the wonderful writing you have published in your room. You are excellent authors and excellent illustrators too!

    You are very clever scientists too! ! Keep up the questioning, experimenting and finding out!

  2. You really are bright sparks. You have published so many fabulous stories. Mrs.Lee