Thursday, 28 June 2012

Crazy Hair Day!

Today was Crazy Hair Day and we all tried hard to make our hair look the craziest - lots of spikes, crazy colours, glitter, ribbons and all sorts of sparkles.  Even Mrs Harrington had crazy plaits that stuck out!  Check out our cool hairdos in this video.

Principal's Award for Excellence

Congratulations to Bree, who received the Principal's Award for Excellence this term.  Each term one student from each class is chosen to receive this award.  It was once again a tough choice for Mrs Harrington, but Bree stands out as a student that is always trying her best and aiming for Excellence.  Well done Bree!  Here are some pictures of Bree and the other children receiving their awards from Mrs Henderson at the Junior Assembly.  Some of the children were dressed as book characters that day.  Can you guess who they were dressed up as?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

QR Codes

We have been learning about QR (Quick Response) codes.  These are like barcodes and they can be scanned with a phone, ipod touch, ipad  or some laptops with a camera.  Today we used the ipod touches to scan QR codes during e-learning with Mrs Stubbings.  We really liked scanning the codes to find out the questions for our quiz. 

Here is a QR code that we have made.  Can you scan it and find out our message?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Great Postcard Project

Our school is a Silver Enviroschool.  This means that we do lots at our school to help the environment.  Last week our class was part of the Great Postcard Project.  We made some postcards to send to another Enviroschool.  On our postcards we wrote about all the things we do at Eastern Hutt School to help the environment.

Some of our ideas were:
  • Using both sides of a piece of paper before we recycle it.
  • Recycling paper, plastic and cans.
  • Trying to reduce the amount of gladwrap and plastic rubbish in our lunchboxes
  • Picking up rubbish when we see it.
  • Walking or scooting to school instead of coming in the car.
  • Reusing glass jars and plastic containers for other things rather than throwing them out.
  • Turning off the lights when we leave the classroom.
  • Turning off the heater when the classroom is hot enough.
  • Keeping the doors and windows closed when the heater is on.
  • We have solar panels on the roof of our classroom block.
  • We are getting a worm farm to eat our food scraps.

We made our postcards by recycling pictures from magazines and then we put them in the post to travel to lots of other schools in New Zealand.  We are looking forward to receiving some postcards from other schools and reading what they are doing to help the environment too.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Tiddalik - the frog who wouldn't laugh

We read the story of Tiddalik about a frog that drank up all the water in the world.  This story is a Aboriginal legend from Australia that explains how droughts happen. We wrote some stories about Tiddalik the giant frog and then we painted some pictures of him.  First we looked at some dot paintings from Australia and then we made our own dot paintings using cotton buds.  Here are some photos of us painting our amazing pictures of Tiddalik and some of our finished stories.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Year 2 Soccer Tournament

Check out the great soccer skills we displayed at our soccer tournament last week.  Can you spot yourself in one of the photos?